What Causes Fuel Injector Leaks?

There is no doubt about the power of fuel injectors when it comes to enhancing a car’s horsepower. With fuel injectors in your car, you can have fast and smooth drives. But once you notice even a slight drop in your car’s speed, it may already be a sign that your fuel injection system badly needs maintenance. Learn more about leaks in fuel injectors, which is the most common cause of change or drop in speed performance.

If you want to improve your car’s speed capability, the best and cheap way to do that is to install fuel injection system. However, like any other performance enhancing methods or equipment, if not properly maintained, fuel injection system could also be damaged. Leaks are the first signs that your car’s fuel injectors are already having some issues.

To avoid getting your car badly damaged, you need to always check for leaks in the fuel injectors. Leaks can cause lower gas mileage and difficulty in starting the vehicle. So it is very important to regularly check for signs or symptoms of injector problems. Here are the most common causes of leaks in fuel injectors.

Off-Center Pintle
According to Deanna Sclar, author of “Auto Repair for Dummies,” the primary cause of a leaking fuel injector is when the pintle is not sitting on the fuel injector’s orifice correctly. The pintle is essentially a button that, when pressed into the fuel injector’s orifice, releases fuel into the vehicle’s system.

When fuel additives do not burn evenly, they often settle on the pintle of the fuel injector and cause leakage. In addition, built-up fuel additives can cause oxygen sensor damage, affecting your vehicle’s fuel level readings.
Source at eHow.com | The Cause of Leaking Fuel Injectors

The solution to fuel injector leaks

It is difficult to diagnose or troubleshoot the exact cause of leaks in fuel injectors. So it is better to simply replace the fuel injector altogether. It’s a lot cheaper to replace the leaking fuel injectors than to consulting a professional mechanic to inspect your car.

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