How To Make Your Car Go Faster

There is no doubt that cars are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Without cars, we would still be using animals as a mean of transportation. The invention of cars paved a way for us to conveniently travel from one place to another. Nowadays, the faster the car can go the better. Here are a few ways on how you can make your car go a lot faster.

8333231 s 300x202 How To Make Your Car Go FasterIn today’s fast-paced world, everyone wants to do things the fast and more convenient ways. Same goes true with cars. Almost all gentlemen and lady drivers today want to have more speed out of their cars.

There are different types of cars these days. There are expensive and cheap cars, fast and slow cars, brand new and restored cars, etc. But no matter what type of car you drive or own, you would always want more from it. Faster car doesn’t necessary mean better. But in today’s busy world, having more horsepower in your vehicle would really be advantageous to help save so much time.

If you are interested in adding more horsepower to your car, check out these top 10 performance enhancing products that you can use to speed up your car. Not only are these speed enhancing products provide more horsepower to your car, they are also more fuel-efficient.

1. Electric radiator fans
The primary function of an electric fan is to provide a maximum cooling system to your car’s engine and radiator. Today, electric fans are an essential part of any heavy-duty vehicle. Before purchasing any electric fans, do some research first. Aftermarket electric fans come in different types and sizes so make sure to get the fan that perfectly suit your car.

2. Electric fuel pumps
An electric fuel pump provides enough pressure in the fuel lines so as to push the gasoline to the engine. Electric fuel pumps also have many benefits, both economically and ecologically. An electronic fuel pump does not only provide more horsepower to your car, it is also fuel-efficient and has clearer emissions.

3. Performance chips
If your car was built or designed with electronic fuel injection, you can definitely make use of a preprogramed performance chip. Electronic fuel injection is powered by a “computer chip”. So if you want to have better mileage and better horsepower, replace your old performance chip with a more advanced one that is capable of providing better control to the engine.

There are also performance chips that allow you to specifically modify or program to your preferences.

4. Exhaust systems
This performance product channels the exhaust gases away from your car’s engine and releases it out of your car. For most cars today, restrictions in the exhaust manifolds will only rob power that can be used to have better performance. Installing an exhaust system to your car will give the extra horsepower you need.

5. Air induction systems
Your engine produces horsepower by mixing air with fuel. So to produce more power, your engine needs to pull in more cool dense air. Getting an air induction system can provide better speed and performance to your car.

6. Nitrous oxide
You’ve probably seen cars with nitrous systems in them on movies such as Fast and Furious. If the mixture of air, fuel and nitrous oxide are combined, it will definitely be more explosive than the mixture of air and fuel alone; therefore, producing more horsepower. But be careful when using nitrous in your cars because too much nitrous injected to your engine will only blow it off. Depending on the kind of engine you have, only allow certain amount of nitrous injected to it.

7. Fuel injection
If you are willing to pay a few bucks to make your car go faster, fuel injection might just be what you need. Because fuel injection systems are electronic, they can provide more precise control of your engine; meaning, better performance and increase in speed.

8. Carburetors
If you have an older car model, you are probably still using a carburetor. Although fuel injection systems are now more preferred than carburetors, there are still some companies that manufactures them. If you want to increase your car’s speed, simply upgrade from a 2 to 4 barrel carburetors.

9. Turbochargers
When it comes to performance cars, that is where turbochargers comes in. Turbochargers are essential aspects of any race car. A turbocharger can significantly increase any engine’s horsepower without adding weight to it. If you can spare a few thousand bucks on turbos, you’ll really have a fast car. That’s guaranteed.

10. Superchargers
The name and physical built alone will convince you that superchargers are indeed “super horsepower boosters”. Superchargers are those you see on the hood of drag cars. However, installing or bolting a supercharger to a car may take a lot of time and effort. To achieve their optimum level of operations, you need to do a lot of modifications. Of course, supercharger also comes with SUPER prices.

Boosting your car’s horsepower can be really challenging but fun at the same time. A car has so many parts and almost each one of them can be modified to increase your car’s speed. Adding more horsepower means spending a lot of cash as well. So if you are willing to pay for better performance and speed, consider any of the performance products listed above.

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